1 TEE - Your very own Custom Printed Deeply Dope Tee on a BUDGET

1 TEE - Your very own Custom Printed Deeply Dope Tee on a BUDGET

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We often get inquiry about printing a single custom piece in order to give the customer a sample of what their image will look like. Choosing a high resolution design, the best print application (screen print, vinyl, embroidery, direct to garment etc.) and walking you through the process of manifesting your design is definitely a service we offer. Designers, artists, creatives, this is for you. Let's merchandise your brand.

This is an opportunity to print a full colour design with front and back print on a tshirt style of your choice. We will review your graphic, suggest a print application, get approval for the print from you, and start production for a single order shirt. You will get: a mock up for approval so you know what it will look like before we go to print and an opportunity to make small changes.

Due to the upfront investment of time and set up that goes into laying out a single t-shirt design, the cost of custom printing reduces substantially by ordering more than 1 piece at a time.

Check out our wholesale packages or inquire about your very own wholesale custom design package.